Monday, 18 February 2008

Writers Online Resources (Selected & Reviewed)

Holly Lisle's Website

Wonderful, well-designed website that brims with useful tips and advice for fantasy-fiction writers seeking publication. Holly is generous and thoughtful in her advisements on a range of essential topics for aspiring authors. From building fantasy landscapes to advice on literary agents.

Wiki - List Of Bestselling Books

Easy-to-read list in tabular form including facts, figures and publication dates. Reliable links to books and authors make this website an invaluable research tool.

Wiki - Ebook Analysis

Clear, thoughtful article on the growth of electronic book publication. Includes a useful comparison between traditional publication methods and the newer, electronic formats. Good analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of e-books, plus useful information for authors on the leading e-book publishers and e-book awards.

Writer's Technology Companion

Dustin M. Wax's website is full of pleasant surprises from ebooks to blog guides. He's grasped the basic premise writers can find modern technologies daunting. Crucially, Dustin provides workable antedotes. This web-blog delivers. Well-organised, well-written and solution-based. I cannot imagine any practising writer foregoing an opportunity to bookmark this gem.

Writer's Note: Wherever possible, I seek permission from website owners to display their links here.